1. What is level III Data and how do I take advantage of the knowledge?

2. I understand the need to provide Level 3 data with my card transactions…but why should I useGSACreditCard Processing.com?

3. Tell me about GSACREDITCARDPROCESSING.com’s Expertise

4. How long does it take to set-up a merchant account through GSA CreditCard Processing.com?

5. If I use Level 3 data; how long does it take to get the transaction dollars into my bank account?

6. When do you charge my account processing costs?

7. What payment gateways do you work with?

8. After my account is up and running what kind of support does GSACreditCardProcessing provide?

9. What is the PAYOFF?

10. Are Government Charge Cards tax exempt?

11. What if I am unable to accept the Government charge card?

12. How can I promote the use of Government charge cards at my business?

13. How do I identify GSA SmartPay2 Government charge cards?

14. Do state and local governments also require Level 3 data capabilities?

15. Does the Government require Level 3 data capabilities today?

16. Do I need to have a CoCard GSACreditCardProcessing.com merchant account to take advantage of the cost savings Level 3 data processing rates afford?

17. How does GSACreditCard Processing.com work? Is it a Software we install? Is there Hardware?

18. Will I save money on credit card processing if I go to level 3?

19. How much will it cost me to convert to level 3 processing?

Ans 1 : Level III Data is information that gets passed along whenever you do a credit or purchasing card transaction using GSACreditCardProcessing.com. Things like the $ amount, the card #, and the expiration date are all types of Level 1 and 2 data passed during a simple card transaction. Level III data is a little more enhanced and includes information like the item #, item description, unit of measure and invoice #. Businesses and Governmental agencies like to receive this data to simplify recordkeeping and reconciliation and Visa and MasterCard recognize this and will give you lower processing rates whenever you provide it. Even if your Government customer doesn’t want it or need it you can still lower costs by sending it along with the transaction. Your Government customer only sees the data when he wants to and can do so easily with his card issuing bank partner.Go to Top

Ans 2 : Because we are the Level 3 solution experts. We’ve put on seminars for SBA-PTAC regionals, Web Meetings for Industry Verticals and panel discussions at Contractor trade shows. We are continuously attending and speaking at industry gatherings to both gain and share knowledge in government card processing. Educate first and the clients will come….is basically our business model. Go to Top

Ans 3 : GSACreditCardProcesssing was founded by industry veteran Matthew Dore. Mr. Dore has been on the forefront of providing credit card solutions, including Level 3 processing for over 10 years. Mr. Dore is often called upon by organizations, government suppliers and industry leaders to share his expertise. (Click here for a copy of a presentation Mr. Dore presented to theattendees at the annual SDVOB conference held in Chicago.)

Mr Dore is currently a member, as well as former board member, of the CoCard Marketing Group LLC. CoCard is a BBB A+ rated provider of merchant processing services nationwide with a network of over 70 offices. As a member and board member, Mr Dore has helped CoCard grow to its current customer base of over 30,000 merchants. Mr.Dore has contributed greatly to the success of CoCard and the excellent service provided merchants nationwide (Click here for recent Strawhecker Group Awards).Go to Top

Ans 4 : Generally less than a week. After receipt of the completed merchant account application; it will take one or two days for approval (due to the complexities of the Level 3 solution), another 2 days to lease, setup and test the Level 3 POS virtual terminal. Transactions are quick and easy and usually take less time than previous solutions. Go to Top

Ans 5 : Your funds will be deposited into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours. With most of our accounts if batching takes place before 6PM CST, the funds will be in the bank account the next morning. Go to Top

Ans 6 : Your account fees are charged to your bank account the first business day of each month for the previous month’s fees.Go to Top

Ans 7 : Our primary payment platforms are with First Data . We also are able to utilize TSYS or Vital, Chase Paymentech and Global . Therefore, we can pretty much work with any gateway that is not proprietary to another payment processor. Our preferred processors are Authorize.net, NMI , CoCard and software products like PC Charge and IC Verify.Go to Top

Ans 8 : You have access to your Relationship Manager through phone and e-mail, during business hours and 24/7 toll free client support at all times. Go to Top

Ans 9 : Visa and MasterCard give you a discounted processing rate if you pass along Level III data during any commercial card transaction, including GSA SmartPay card transactions. Existing costs of 3-5% of your sales amount can be lowered to less than 2%. That’s a huge reduction in your processing bill each month. It adds up quick.Go to Top

Ans 10 : When using certain card types, Government cardholders are exempt from taxes on their purchases. Transactions against Federal Government accounts made within the United States that are directly paid by the government are exempt from state and local taxes. These are considered centrally billed accounts.Go to Top

Ans 11 : A business that has trouble accepting Government charge cards may be classified under a blocked Merchant Category Code (MCC). During the GSACreditCardprocessing application process, businesses are required to label themselves by selecting a MCC that describes the products or services provided. Certain MCC’s are blocked by agencies to prevent fraud and misuse. If a company is experiencing problems accepting GSA SmartPay2 cards, it may be because the business is classified under a MCC that is blocked by that agency. To remedy this problem, merchants should talk to their processor (GSACreditCardProcessor.com) to confirm their MCC classification is accurate.Go to Top

Ans 12 : Government purchasers are required to use the charge card for ‘micro-purchases’, a category of purchases that includes most purchases under $3,000. As the popularity of the SmartPay™ program increases, more and more government purchases above $3,000 are being made with the charge card also. There are a number of actions that merchants can do to promote the use of the card at their establishments, including:

Providing Point of Sale Discounts- Offering a point of sale discount to Government cardholders is a great way to differentiate a business from others, and to increase the amount of Government purchases. Contact a GSACreditcardProcessing.com representative for more information on providing a point of sale discount.
Providing Level 3 Transaction Data- Merchants that provide Level 3 transaction data are more attractive to Government agencies because the data enables agencies to keep track of their purchases more accurately and buying agencies get a rebate fromVisa and MasterCard. Merchants who wish to learn more about Level 3 data should contact GSACreditCardProcessing.com for more information.Go to Top

Ans 13 : All GSA SmartPay2 cards will use Government specific designs. Additionally, all cards will display the GSA SmartPay2 logo and include the phrases “United States Government” and “For Official Use Only”. (See card images at bottom of home page)Go to Top

Ans 14 : No, but they do use GSA Schedules as their price and product resource and adding the data saves you the same amount of dollars on their cards too! Go to Top

Ans 15 : Yes, certain Schedule holders (67, 58I and 51V) are part of a Pilot GSA program that requires Level 3 data capabilities. See POST. And because it’s a win-win for everybody the mandate will eventually expand to ALL Schedules – it’s just a matter of time. Go to Top

Ans 16 : Many financial institutions, processors and merchant account managers claim to have Level 3 data solutions; however you are likely to find out as many have that saying you can do it and doing it are not the same. Most organizations simply are not experienced at providing these solutions. Level 3 merchant accounts make up less than ½ of 1% of all merchant accounts in the US so most processors don’t devote the necessary resources or trained staff to provide Level 3 data solutions. Level 3 data processing and working with merchants who do business with the government is all we do at GSACreditCardProcessing.com.Go to Top

Ans 17 : Our solution has been refined to create a simple transaction processing experience without any complicated installations or procedures. There are no software installations, it’s web browser based so you just log on, find the customer from a drop down list and the transactions take three or four clicks of the mouse. It’s most likely easier than your current protocol. See the screen shot that details the transaction steps. (screenshot from www.cocardmcd.com/b2gx )Go to Top

Ans 18 : Definitely. See the calculator on our home page and you can get a pretty good estimate of your savings. You will need an idea of the processing rate you pay currently. Take total monthly processing charges divided by total monthly card sales to arrive at a processing rate for your business.Go to Top

Ans 19 : Because we would not do the conversion unless we save money, your cost is usually zero.There is a set-up fee but it usually covered by savings in the first month so your return on investment is immediate!

Do you have a question that is not covered here? Click here and send your question. You’ll typically have your answer the same day.Go to Top