Level 3 Requirements

What is required to process Level 3 Data

Unfortunately most terminals as currently configured cannot process Level 3 Data. To find out if your current system is Level 3 capable sign up for a no cost, no obligation request for assessment. Most solutions provided by traditional credit card processing companies involve purchasing, installing and integrating software into current credit card processing and business systems. Unlike many other solutions, GSA Credit Card Processing offers a web based “cloud” solution which will work in almost any existing business environment.

Conversion to Level 3 Processing Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

All you need is a computer with internet access. This “cloud based” solution takes only minutes to install and integrates with most existing business processes. To learn more about GSA CreditCard Processing’s proprietary Level 3 Processing click here.

GSA CreditCard Processing will assess your current system’s capabilities

Not only will you soon be required to capture Level 3 data for GSA purchases, but why not start saving before it’s mandated. Interchange rates for Level 3 Data transactions are significantly lower and these lower rates mean savings for you.For a no cost, no obligation assessment, fill out the form above or contact us today.

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Non-GSA Savings Opportunities

Many business purchasers, along with government agencies, utilize the additional information made available via Level 3 data. Submitting this additional Level 3 Data will lower credit card processing cost for these non-GSA transactions as well. Click here to see estimated savings.