What is Level 3 Data

Level III Data is additional information captured and transmitted during the processing of a credit card transaction. The chart below summarizes the additional data that will be captured and passed during a Level 3 transaction.

Data Type Level-1 Level-2 Level-3
Merchant Name
Transaction Amount(Total)
Tax Amount
Customer Code(30 char)
Merchant Postal Code  
Tax identification  
Merchant Minority Code  
Merchant State Code  
Ship From Postal Code    
Destination Postal Code    
Invoice Number    
Order Number    
Item Product Code    
Item Commodity Code    
Item Description    
Item Quantity    
Item Unit of Measure    
Item Extended Amount    
Freight Amount    
Duty Amount    

This additional, Level 3, data allows the government agency which owns the credit card to have more insight into what was charged. This increased visibility into the transaction allows the government agency to know more about what is being charged, by whom, where and when. The utilization of Level 3 processing also helps government agencies ensure they are receiving the contracted cost.

Non-GSA Savings Opportunities

Many business purchasers, along with government agencies, utilize the additional information made available via Level 3 data. Submitting this additional Level 3 Data will lower credit card processing cost for these non-GSA transactions as well. Click here to see estimated savings.