Why GSACreditcardProcessing™

GSACreditCardProcessing believes knowledge is everything. Because GSA CreditCard Processing is the Level 3 solution expert, GSA CreditCard Processing has been asked to put on seminars for SBA-PTAC regionals, Web Meetings for Industry Verticals and participate in panel discussions at Contractor trade shows. We are continuously attending and speaking at industry gatherings to both gain and share knowledge in government card processing. Educate first and the clients will come…is our business model.

GSACreditCardProcessing was founded by industry veteran Matthew Dore. Mr.Dore Mr Dore portrait has been on the forefront of providing credit card solutions,including Level 3 processing for over 10 years. Mr. Dore is often called upon by organizations, government suppliers and industry leaders to share his expertise. Click here for a copy of a presentation Mr. Dore presented to the attendees at the annual SDVOB conference held in Chicago.

Mr Dore is currently a member, as well as former board member, of the CoCard Marketing Group LLC. CoCard is a BBB A+ rated provider of merchant processing services nationwide with a network of over 70 offices. As a member and board member, Mr. Dore has contributed greatly to the success of CoCard and the excellent service provided merchants nationwide.

Track Record of Success

GSA Credit Card Processing and CoCard Marketing Group LLC currently manages credit card transactions for over 30,000 merchants processing over $5 billion in Credit card sales annually. Customer satisfaction results in an industry leading 96% retention rate.